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DIY Clay Bunny Bowls

DIY clay bunny bowls for easter on aliceandlois.comI have to admit, I’m loving dreaming up DIY projects for Easter.  A few weeks ago, I made these nesting jewelry bowls using air dry clay, and I knew after working with it, I wanted to use it again. This clay seemed like the best medium to create these adorable decorative bunny bowls. It’s an easy clay to work with and your kids will love this project, too. Read more for the supply list and tutorial.

DIY bunny bowls for easter on aliceandlois.comSupplies: Air Dry Clay /  acrylic craft paint – white /  rolling pin  /  Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker/  paintbrush  /  glass bowls /  sandpaper


1. Roll out air dry clay on smooth surface like parchment paper. Roll to thickness of 1/4 inch.

2. Place bowl top side down on to clay. Cut around the edge of the bowl with a knife. Lift clay gently off of parchment paper.

3. Cut out long oval shape out of the remainder of the clay you’ve rolled out. Cut it in half to create the two bunny ears.

4. Place ears on backside of rolled out circle and gently push to create a good smooth seam.

5. Push clay into bowl until it touches the bottom and side. Smooth edges with your finger. Let clay dry overnight, up to a day until dry. Pop out the dried clay from the glass bowls and sand the edges with the sandpaper.

6. Paint the bowls however you’d like with acrylic craft paint. I painted the bunnies with white paint to smooth out the seams from the ears. Then I used a Sharpie oil-based paint marker to make the eyes and nose.DIY bunny bowls for easter on aliceandlois.comdiy air dry clay bunny bowls for easter on aliceandlois.comI think these bowls will look adorable out for Easter and the kiddos will adore them. These are not food safe, and on the fragile side, but I’m planning on having them out as Easter decor each year. But you could put some paper grass and wrapped candy in it, too! I’m going to be making more as gifts for the cousins. Also check out our tutorial for a super easy iron-on vintage bunny tee for the kids.

Have fun with these bunny bowls. Can’t wait to see what you create! –Melissa

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diy bunny bowls for easter on aliceandlois.comDIY bunny bowls out of air dry clay for easter on aliceandlois.comall photos by Melissa Fenlon for alice & lois. all rights reserved.

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